STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS is our core expertise. We specify guidelines for it and help you stay on course. We deliver a complete communications package and make sure everything works in practice. Content makes or breaks your communications. Skilled and regular

CONTENT PRODUCTION engages your audience with your story. At its best, it can make the audience part of your story.

In front of the right audience at the right place and time – our MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS and PR services help you achieve your goals.

Successful EVENT COMMUNICATIONS is the crowning glory of your event. When you use a one-stop shop for all your communications, the pieces fall perfectly into place.

Truthful and authentic RECRUITMENT ADVERTISING is a core expression of good brand communications. Find the expertise you need and make a lasting impression.It pays to develop your organisation further, and TRAINING is a great way to upskill your team. Whether you want to achieve consensus about the corporate image, operationalise your strategy or learn new skills such as vlogging, we can provide the workshop at your premises.

Jenni Pohtala
Content Director, COO
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